Tube, Canoe, or Kayak

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Fish for Trout

Catch brown, brook, and rainbow trout. The season is from April to September, with catch and release all winter.


Climb the Elba Fire Tower (1 mile)

Want a great workout? Climb the over 600 steps up the bluff to the top of the Elba Fire Tower. Constructed in 1933, it is no longer used as a fire tower. Enjoy!


Tour the Crystal Springs hatchery (3 miles)

Crystal Springs with its artesian springs, raises brook, rainbow, lake and splake trout. The brook are stocked all throughout Minnesota. The splake are transported to lakes in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. The rainbow are stocked in high use areas, and the lake trout are stocked into Lake Superior.

The visitor center is open Monday - Friday. (Guided tours can be arranged by calling 507-796-8001)


Tour the Marnach House (3 miles)

The Marnach House is the only field stone house of its type in southeastern Minnesota, and it is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Marnach House is opened to the public twice a year. Tours can be arranged with permission of the directors of the Wildlife Management Area, Whitewater State Park and the Park naturalists.


Explore the Whitewater WMA

The Wildlife Management Area is more than 28,000 aces of state-owned land in the rolling hills of southeastern Minnesota. Check it out by foot, car or water. Five hundred thousand visit it annually. managementarea


Tour Whitewater State Park (1 mile)

Whitewater State Park is open all year and has many outdoor activities including fishing, hiking and cross-country skiing. They also have many educational programs. One is tapping maple trees to make maple syrup.

PBS - Let's Go, Minnesota! | Whitewater


Tour Whitewater Wines (7 miles)

Whitewater Wines


Tour the Lark Toys Company (22 miles)

Lark Toys specializes in wooden toys and wood carvings. Their carousel has spectacular carved wooden animals.


Tour the Marine Art Museum (24 miles)

Minnesota Marine Art Museum


Tour the National Eagle Center (27 miles)

See live bald and golden eagles at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota, and learn about them while standing right next to them. nec


Ski at the Coffee Mill Ski Area (27 miles)

Coffee Mill Ski Area


Attend the Elba Whitewater River Festival

The festival is held in Summer. This year it will be on July 29, 2023.