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Reviews & Testimonials

  1. Recently, I had the opportunity of spending several days and nights in silence at the Turtle Lodge. This Hermitage experience of silence was just what I wanted! There was no one to talk to, no television or radio, and no cell phone service. I was alone in safe and comfortable surroundings in a beautiful natural setting. I loved it! As the hours of silence unfolded, I experienced an incredible sense of freedom that came from knowing there was nothing that I needed to do. In fact, there was nothing that I could do! I spent the time reading and meditating or watching the fire burn in the fireplace. During the second day, I sat at the kitchen window and watched it snow. The spiritual benefits I gained from this experience were what I had hoped for. I was surprised about the positive effects this time of silence had for my physical body.

    The Turtle Lodge is set up to support this kind of a Hermitage experience. There is a beautifully furnished bedroom/living room, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. The grounds include the Whitewater River, which can be seen from the windows. I am sure the sound of flowing water could be heard during the summer months. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is searching for answers in their life or who needs a total break from a busy schedule.
    S.M., WI


  2. Last spring I had a delightful stay at Anne and Steve’s Turtle Lodge. The rural setting of the lodge has the soothing qualities which those of us who are city dwellers long for in a recuperative vacation. The lodge itself is beautifully appointed; the rooms are bright and comfortable with kitchens. The great room is, indeed, great in that it is big enough for a group of twenty yet cozy enough for just a few.

    Most importantly, Anne and Steve are the perfect hosts; they do everything they can to make their guests feel welcome and at home. Such sweet people, such loving people, the perfect pair to create an ideal vacation experience.

    I hope to return to Turtle Lodge soon.
    I.J. Lupis, CA
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  4. My first Experience embarking on a hermitage was a huge blessing in my life. I had heard about this through Anne and I was intrigued. As this was my first time, I learned more of what to expect, journeying deep within myself with no outside interference. A time for contemplation, reading, journaling, and hiking was invaluable.

    I absolutely loved this experience. The more time I spent with myself, in the quiet that surrounded me, the more I became deeply affected by the silence. Mind chatter slowed down, My heart opened up, I settled in to timeless space. I also felt that net of safety and protection that surrounded me, with the comfort of the hermitage and the natural surroundings.

    I never enjoyed journaling in the past, but I could not stop writing my first time out. For me, this was a safe place for reflection and diving deep into my soul. At Turtle Lodge, Anne's presence could be close for guidance. An experience like this can change your life and attitude towards yourself. How often do we gift ourselves with a self induced "pause" in life?

    Even the natural world shows up to support this process as we put the breaks on slow down and listen from the heart, witnessing our souls unfolding. It feels sacred, magical and grounding; a door opening into profound worlds of mystery exploration and beauty. It is an invaluable gift to ones self. How important are you? Start here.... At Turtle Lodge. A sanctuary where you can journey home to yourself.

    M.B., MN